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a breath of fresh air in the communication and image of your brand / company!

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Film and animation - evolution, not revolution...

My interest in video motion content stems from the natural evolution of my love for image, graphics and photography. For the last dozen or so years, I have treated the film as one of the biggest challenges and I am constantly looking for new ways not only to register, but also to use the created materials.

Film and animation - why is motion cool?

For years now, we can observe the development of technology towards the popularization of video content. Both traditional and social media put more and more emphasis on it, and thanks to the fast Internet, almost everyone of us browses various types of videos every day - both on desktop computers and mobile devices.
The answer to the above trend is my offer for the production of video materials, i.e. a moving version of photography. Similarly to it, my main focus is reportage, documentary, and promotion. The industries that I record most often are focused around the sea, logistics, industry and construction, I also make materials from sports events and typical product / PR content.

My offer regarding filmmaking:

From the idea, through the script and recording, to the final montage - this is the overall package that I can offer. The number of cameras and operators depends on the project requirements and is agreed with the customer, as well as the further fate of the raw material.
By default, I work on equipment from brands such as Panasonic, GoPro and DJI, the raw material is recorded in 4K resolution 25FPS or 50FPS by default, so that it gives as much space as possible in further editing - unless the customer clearly indicates that he needs a different resolution / frame, currently I'm shooting to the maximum in 6K. Often, in order to fully use my presence in a given location, traditional filming is included in the package for aerial shots using a drone and photography.


This kind of video can function as stand-alone spots, but I always suggest to my clients combining them with traditional video or TimeLapse animations. During the flights, the entire range of possibilities of the platforms I use is on the table, so the final product is as varied and original.

TimeLapse / HyperLapse

Years of experience in the field of photography mean that I am able to present a given topic in an exceptionally attractive way. Each frame, before it starts life in the form of a video, is a full-fledged photo. I focus on quality, therefore I use high-class DSLR equipment for production and in extreme conditions GoPro or Insta360-1". For special shots an electronically 3-axes (Syrp) controlled drive is used, that allows me to program the camera movement from a few centimeters to several hundred meters - all with surgical precision, so that the frames and moves are perfect.

I address the offer of time-lapse animations to all those who want to diversify their multimedia materials. Animations can be used as fragments of clips, but also as independent spots presenting long-term, slow processes (e.g. construction, transport, event preparation). I often use it in my productions to add dynamics to the whole thing - nothing improves the dynamics like a good combination of a movie with stop motion animation and the right music!

The recording time depends on the idea, it may be a series of short animations of processes lasting several minutes, it may be an animation where material was collected for a month, a year or ten years. In the longest cases, I create dedicated sets made to fit a specific task.


Sometimes I work as a subcontractor, where I follow-up the content you already have and pass it on to further editing in a raw form. I also film materials that are meant to be added to an existing footage and afterwords assemble the final product from those files.
The offer of "side" services is quite wide, and the inquiries can surprise me - therefore please contact me and present your idea, I will quickly be able to determine whether the topic is within my area of competence and whether there is a chance for us to work on it together.

  • 01. Experience : business since 2008
  • 02. Main fields of interest : Reportage | Documentary | Advertising
  • 03. Gear used : Panasonic/Lumix | GoPro | DJI
  • 04. Software used : Adobe PremierePro | Adobe AfterEffects