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the limits of our capabilities are only there where we set them ourselves!

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Other services

Apart from photography and film in various forms, I also offer my experience and contacts which I have gained over the years of working in the advertising industry. What exactly? Few words about this below...


For years I have been designing and preparing materials for printing. Therefore, I invite you to take advantage of the offer, which includes everything from simple works such as business cards, through calendars in any form and any shape, to complex materials, such as folders or catalogs.
My work on graphics is characterized by taking upfront in terms of the form and application of the final product, thanks to which we avoid later surprises.


I have my own database of proven printing houses located throughout Poland. Together, we are able to print anything on everything (offset, digit, screen, pad printing ... whatever comes to mind). These can be both projects prepared by me (point above), as well as the materials provided. A characteristic feature of my printing is the quality and its relation to the price. In addition, you will receive my free advice on what works best for your application.


In short, it is consulting in the field of printing, photography, and broadly understood marketing issues. I put here all the knowledge, experience and contacts that I have managed to gain over a dozen years of work in the industry. You can treat it as cooperation with an advertising agency in the form of one man. This point is often a bonus to the rest of the work I do - nothing annoys me more than wasting funds, in a situation where it could be avoided by subtle changes or alternative activities.


When I have time, I try to support interesting charity initiatives. There is one condition - I have to catch a sneak peak.
You can read more about it here: I HELP to HELP