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Being an UAVO

what is it like to create an offer that many have dreamed of... as one of the first civil certified drone operators on the Polish market.

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Drones - a different point of view

Civil unmanned aerial systems (what we call "drones") have experienced a real boom since 2013 and successfully filled the gap between helicopters / airplanes and running behind the object with a camera on a stick. Dopnes opened not only new possibilities in various industries, but also made the entire range of services available to a much wider group of recipients.

UAS in my work

I date the first commercial use of drones in my work somewhere in 2012-2013. I am one of the first people in Poland to provide such services so widely. It was preceded by two years of observation of foreign discussion groups and a lot of trials (and errors) - beautiful times of lawlessness and pure fantasy, everything had to be built by yourself, and the legislators did not even sense what was coming...

The hundreds of hours flown at that time (now you need to add one or two zeros to this result), made it possible for us, together with a group of enthusiasts, to pass on our knowledge to those that also wanted to try. Moreover, I had the great pleasure to participate in the creation and implementation of the well-known and liked application - DroneRadar (currently the system is the only so advanced and certified for operational use tool in the world, that allows UAV management - currently it evolved and became a main part of the PansaUTM system).

Below you will find a list of the services I provide with the use of UAS. I am open to new challenges, so if you have an interesting idea that does not fit in the framework below or will require a dedicated model, please contact me - as they say, "sky is the limit ...", although I would like to add "let's go beyond ".

My main offer regarding drones

My clients can expect high-quality video material recorded with the use of a multi-rotor. Stable shots thanks to sensitive electronics and thoughtful design (own or available on the market, depending on the needs of the task - anyway proven in "battle" and tested), breathtaking views and a different view of the world around us. It's all shot with cameras adjusted to the requirements of a specific material.


Thanks to many years of photography experience, I know perfectly well what frames will look good - even before the camera is up in the air. Unlike many competing companies, first there was a passion for photography and years of practice, RC idea came on later. In combination with retouching and the foundation in the form of graphic background, the pictures I produce are unique and tailored to the client's needs - including further use, e.g. in printing with various techniques or displaying in any form / media.


Inspection of buildings, structures and infrastructure - wherever work at heights is necessary - which for obvious reasons generates costs and is burdened with human risk. Thanks to the constant live view, your employee can give directions to the drone operator and together look at almost every element of the checked structure / terrain. Moreover, the collected high-resolution material enables a precise analysis of the inspected object afterwards.


Mapping allows us to gather valuable and up-to-date data in much higher resolution than available satellite images (resolution of a few px / cm). I have placed an example in the portfolio, the new S6 road located in Gdynia - Wielki Kack. - if necessary I can send a full resolution demo. In addition to mapping, automatic flights also allow us to render accurate 3D models of the terrain and the condition / type of vegetation.

In addition, for several years I have been performing flights documenting agricultural damage for several farms, which are the basis for calculating losses caused by wild animals and compensations referring to them.


I am proud of my flexibility, which is why I try not to set boundaries with the use of drones. I am limited by law, responsibility and common sense, my clients are limited only by their imagination. If we can find a way to reconcile these conditions, then we will certainly be able to do something together that no one else has tried before. Therefore, I invite you to ask questions about the unusual use of my birds.

At this point, I need to mention that I am cooperating with other proven operators scattered all over Poland, avilable for facilitating your orders or as a backup for human / equipment problems on my side. In fact, after searching for phrases related to drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerial photos/film in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot and the surrounding area, there is a high degree of probability you will end up under the "wings" of one of us - if not directly, then from recommendation.

Safety and legal aspects

When using unmanned equipment, I pay particular attention to the above-mentioned issues. In most cases, I take all the legal consent on my shoulders - among others, it's a result of the fact that I know how to get them, and in the end I am responsible for what happens to the drone anyway. The law to which drones are subject is the spot where I shine, since establishing cooperation with the DroneRadar that I mentioned earlier (both Polish and international laws). At the same time, the experience that I gathered in operating this type of equipment means that I can predict most of the threats in advance. On this basis, accurately determine the risk and decide whether "the risk is worth the game".

  • 01. Experience : commertial since 2012
  • 02. Certificates : A1/2/3 || STS-01/02 || NSTS-01/02/05/06
  • 03. Insurance : World 200 000 PLN
  • 04. Gear : Phantom4Pro || Inspire2 || Protek35 || custom