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the time...

it's the best way to describe photography - holding memories and important events for the future to come.

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Photography - a man without a face

That's what they call me sometimes, because I'm always standing on the other side of the lens and I can count my own photos on the fingers of both hands. This is partly due to the specifics of my work, i.e. looking at the world through the prism of the camera and the constant search for interesting frames - and these can be found most often where no one would expect them.

How do I work

The main environment of my work is the existing surrounding. It means that I work on what is on the spot, and I did not go too deep into studio photography (although sometimes I use its benefits). Reportage, document, architecture and product are my fields of interest, although sometimes I get a portrait shot. The only area of photography that I try to stay away from is occasional photography (weddings, funerals, etc.), excluding corporate or cultural events.

The equipment I work on represents the top, and its choice is dictated not only by the technical specification, but also by reliability - it is not an easy life with me. Each of the photos given to the customer undergoes processing which, apart from the standard fanning with zippers and a few cross masks, hides a bit of more advanced magic, going beyond the LightRoom area. I believe that photo processing is as important as the proper framing itself.
The files that you receive from me are usually exported in two resolutions, internet (with or without the company's watermark) and full, processed so that there is a margin for the DTP operator to match the photo to other files used in the project - this simple procedure allows you to create consistent printed materials, which include files from various sources ... experience from the time when I was the one that prepared files for printing.

I invite you to read the list below, I hope that you will find something in your need.

What do I offer:

I try to smuggle this type of photography into other types. I think that it can carry most emotions in an image, tell a part of a story, be not only pleasing to the eye, but also contain more or less useful information - often hidden in some at first glance invisible detail, possibly aimed at a very narrow audience. Where does this approach come from? It may result from the fact that I often shoot video-reportages ...

Ps. The pandemic ninja visible in my TOSEM logo manifests itself right here - I sometimes answer calls during a job asking where the hell am I ... over the years I've learned that the longer this can be maintained, the longer everything looks like it should - naturally and freely.


I treat it as a kind of documentary photography - that is, showing the world as it is, but a little more colorful thanks to the matching of the frame, weather conditions and then processing.
Regardless of whether it is made with the use of a drone or more traditionally from a ground level, planning and appropriate lighting conditions play a decisive role here. Therefore, please do not be surprised that I am asking about the availability of the object on a Sunday or on a holiday - the weather will not wait for anyone. If a job has to be done, it has to be done - period.

Who is this type of photography for? In addition to investors and developers, these are, of course, state institutions, companies from the tourism, hotel and catering industries, and individual clients.


For years I have been quite closely related to the maritime industry, production and heavy industry. What may be important for you, over the years of gathering experience, not only have I learned to safely navigate the quite dangerous environment of production plants (I rarely need a guardian angel), but I have also learned most of the health and safety rules applicable to employees or handling different types of cargo. When taking pictures on this subject, I pay attention to all kinds of irregularities and choose such frames so that they are not visible. Moreover, I always alert the client to check the selected photos three times in this matter - the photos often find their way to the Internet, industry portals, etc., and there is no mercy for even simple mistakes.

This offer is addressed to all production and industrial plants, regardless of the scale and profile of their activity, logistics companies and the transport industry. It is possible to fully cover the production process from the first weld to commissioning, not only in terms of photography, but also film.


I treat sports photography as a subcategory of reportage. The client decides about the nature of the photos to be delivered, or leaves me a free hand as to the composition and message. As in other cases, the brief and the plan of the event are key here because, according to them, we will hunt for the expected shots, while documenting everything around. This is one of those types of photography where I assume in advance to work at maximum speed for a day or longer, regardless of weather conditions and where the competition takes place.
As time is important here, customers can count on "delivery" of still warm photos on the next day, or if necessary, processing can take place on site, which allows you to use the materials almost live.


Widely understood due to the fact that I work mainly for companies, so every single photo has some advertising value.
It is a collection of everything above and whatever you might find useful (automotive, sports, architecture, product, etc.). I would like to point out that due to the experience I have, apart from the photography itself, I can also suggest a bit more comprehensive solutions. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my portfolio which will explain what materials I create. I also invite you to send inquiries or simply contact me by phone, where we will be able to quickly determine if I am ready to undertake a given task. As always, I emphasize that I do not take what I do not feel confident in, but there is a chance that I will be able to recommend a person / company that will perfectly meet your expectations.

  • 01. Experience : bussines since 2005
  • 02. Favorite gear : Panasonic/Lumix || Sigma || Samyang
  • 03. Software : Adobe LightRoom || Adobe PhotoShop
  • 04. Basic photo specs : 21MPix || 350dpi || RGB/CMYK