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let's get to know each other closer and start creating materials that will allow you to present your company / investment / product / event from the best possible side!

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Why MarineMedia...

Most of my work in past years is maritime related, its a main reason why i have created Marine Media - a subbrand of Tosem. I target Marine Media as a solution for international clients from maritime and heavy industry, also logistics and transportation.

Do What You Love, You'll Never Work Another Day!

So far I`m lucky with this slogan. It allows me to broaden my horizons and improve skills in an unrestrained way. Over that, sometimes it trows me to areas that I would not even have thought of...
I love commitment to big projects and long-term relations. The more I`m in to it, the more great ideas and opportunities have a chance to be fulfilled - with benefits to my clients ofcourse.
And so the career of a forester - which I dreamed of as a child - has been ruined ... or maybe it is better to describe it as something "a little" more exciting and dynamic.

Getting from a "wanna be", to the point that i'm in now...

In 2005 I started working full time as a creative graphic designer / DTP.
1.06.2008 was the day to become independent, so we put together a team of freelancing designers, people related to advertising, subcontractors working in this industry and started our own business. We called it TOSEM - just like my previous portfolio, the command over the action was on me. A dynamic and quite loose form of cooperation allowed us to meet the expectations of the Tri-City customer base. The main goal was to combine professionalism and flexibility - we gathered a team of freelancers for the specific project, instead of taking projects which our core team could fullfil. Over the years, my standard 24h day had to be extended by a few hours (everyone has to sleep sometimes). I soaked up experience in project management, multitasking and dealing with all kinds of issues marketing / advertising related - at the same time working as a designer, photographer and camera operator. I use this background in everyday work, what can be unusual for jobs like photography or video creation - but it works!

New decade brought changes

In 2020, I definitely returned to my solo work. Changes in the market, different paths taken by the rest of the team and my increasing focus on photography and video heralded these changes sooner, somewhere at the turn of 2016-2017. The portfolio that I present here was limited to my works only, same as my basic services (which can be found in a proper tab) - although some clients still use the full range of my services from the past and appreciate the "one man army" approach.

Experience, contacts and the possibility of cooperation with proven freelancers and subcontractors remained. Same refers to the paths in the advertising industry. Therefore, I am open to inquiries outside the standard offer - if I can help, I will help. If it's out of my range, there is a big possibility that I know someone who will be able to take the task with proper outcome.


What I pay attention to

What principles do I follow at work and what can you expect when you start working with me.

Trust and confidentiality

I attach great importance to our cooperation being based on mutual trust.


Regardless of whether we are working on news from the event or on a project in which we record technological processes, I try to make the client feel comfortable and be sure that his secrets or situations that shouldnt happen, will stay between us.

Partner relations

Sympathy makes you work better, more efficiently and more effectively!


I assume that the sooner business relationships move to a looser level, the easier it will be to work on projects. This translates not only into a much more effective exchange of views on the order, but also relevant information and findings, which allows us to meet the challenge in a friendly atmosphere as planned ... or better!

Trustworthy and reliable

Don't take on something you can't deliver, and certainly don't demand payment for it.


I do not undertake jobs that may overgrow me. In such situations, I refer a potential client to people / companies that I am sure will cope with the task, and at the same time will not bring me shame as I have recommended them. I consider this approach to be one of the foundations of professional ethics and business culture.

This does not mean that I am afraid of challenges! However, I believe that you should rely on your own abilities and that the risks you take must not expose anyone to losses.

Respect time and money

It is not difficult to spend a lot, the trick is to spend as much as necessary...

  • TIME

This means that each of my clients can count on my opinion and help in reaching a compromise between the time and resources involved in a given project, referring to the end result. This doesn't mean I'm working for free, but I'd rather watch thoughtful campaigns than single but overpaid shots that disappear as quickly as bills tossed into the fire with the same effect, little heat and some smoke.

In addition to the above, I pay a lot of attention to the fact that my work with clients is based on positive relations. It means that I try to make cooperation with me based not only on how and what I do, but also how I approach the topic and customer service.
In short - right man at the right place, at the right time and with the right tools - the man you just want to work with!

What do I most often work on

What type of materials do I create most often and the subject matter to which I am closest.

Logistics and Transport
Production and Industrial
Architecture and Landscape
Sport, automotive etc.
Product and Advertising





My Clients

Below I present to you some of the companies for which I had the pleasure to carry out orders over the last few years (I did not include the end recivers of work as a subcontractor).