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Best Regards, Piotr Lewandowski

  Why MarineMedia? The answer is quite simple, approximately 70% of my professional work boils down to the subject related to the sea, vessels and port infrastructure.

  I`m a profesional photographer and film maker since around 2005 (since 2008 under the TOSEM brand). I take pleasure in what I do, and the subject in which I mostly work is also my passion. In relation to the above, my Clients can be sure that they entrust a "job" not only to a person who has technical abilities, but also knowledge and experience in their industry. The effects of this work allow me to retain customers for a longer time, and most new orders are sent to me by reference of existing Clients. Knowledge of the industry and its characteristics allows me not only to feel the style that my Client`s expect but also fit the material to end audience expectations, I can also work freely while maintaining procedures and safety in port areas, ships and areas associated with large investments. Capturing often unique frames requires non-standard working time, thanks to the knowledge of the rules and no need of a "guardian angel" associated with it, the work proceeds quickly and does not involve additional employees from the Client`s side.
  Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to carry out work for small and large company`s, including the world leaders in the maritime industry. From realizing small jobs, such as taking one specific photo for specific use, over larger projects related to the development of enterprise infrastructure and complex logistics operations originating in Polish ports, and finished somewhere deep in the country. To work on the sea that requires complete detachment from everyday life - as in the case of the largest project in which I had the pleasure to participate in - the S/V Dar Młodzieży sail around the world, where I spent over 10 months on a "floating plan" without a break, documenting everyday life of the participants in this unique event (that included almost 1000 young people and was the most ambitious project in celibrating 100th aniversiry of Poland regaining its independence).
  One of the main points of my work on which I place special emphasis is trust and professionalism in approach to work. My clients can be sure that despite the presence of the camera, the Company secrets are safe and will go beyond our group only if the Customer will decide to publish the material himself.

It is worth adding that I am mobile I work all over Poland and, if necessary, outside its borders.

  I could write a lot, but I realize that hardly anyone has the time to read essays. Having that said, I warmly invite You to contact me and I hope we can cooperate. From my side i guarantee full commitment to make our future cooperation successful and long-term.

Best regards
Piotr Lewandowski


I offer the highest quality photos for internet and printing needs. The experience and class of equipment on which I work with guarantees customer satisfaction, and thanks to my background as a creative graphic designer, I am able to go beyond the frames of work in which most photographers close in.
The photographs I work on daily are characterized by a resolution that allows printing in a large format, in the case of panoramas it can be up to several hundred million pixels. Difficult lighting conditions are compensated by HDR technique and advanced postproduction.


I adjust the quality and style of the end materials to the Client, together we work our target to the needs of the recipient. As a standard it is FullHD, as it gives more possibilities in post-production, and the average recipient is not able to recognize the decrease in resolution on his monitor or mobile device. Raw material is usually filmed in 4K 25 / 50FPS, it can be archived in this form and guarantee the highest quality after years. With each film, the customer decides on the final effect, I serve experience and advice, also after the project ends.


Time-lapse animations are often the only way to show action in operations that last longer. My own concept of solutions developed over the years, allow me to create non-standard materials, and continuous tracking of novelties extends these boundaries. I use TimeLapse animations in operations lasting from several dozen minutes to several years, often supplementing them with films documenting operations conducted by my clients. Animations are created from full-value photos, not just an accelerated movie. It gives much more control over the final effect and much higher quality than a standard video.

UAV and Aerial Work

As one of the first certified UAV operators in Poland and a person who has a considerable influence on awareness in this topic among others, I guarantee flights acording to the actual laws and the highest standard of safety. I use the drone to enrich customer's materials with air shots, both photo and video. In addition, it is used to work on documentation, inspection or even SAR.
I perform flights both on land and at sea. Standard raw file quality is 4K 50FPS for video and 20mpix for photo.

Editing, Post Production and Processing

Just like in the darkroom in the past, digital technology requires proper handling before it can be shown to the audience. Postproduction often requires more time than the actual plan work, therefore, I divide the overall order time to 50/50. Years spent in fron of the screen and excellent knowledge of the Adobe package, allows me to achieve the intended final effect for both photography and video.
Thanks to the knowledge of the possibilities offered by the software, not only does the new material look as it should, but we can also use archival materials owned by the Client.

Complex Projects

Often, building a company's multimedia history takes years, the sooner you start thinking about it the better. Several of my Clients are hireing me to document smaller operations of years now. Their history is updated every year beautifully illustrating the complexity of their offer. This type of action works perfectly in the case of the media coverage on events and presentations, or showing the offer on the Internet. Usually, when shooting a video, I also take pictures, they can be used in printed materials such as calendars or folders - the processing is than focused on printing, which is a completely different world than the digital environment.

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